The ASGC Fleet

The club fleet available for hire to students and club members.


Jantar junior early solo glider

The ASK-21 is a modern two seat glider made of glasssfibre reinforced plastics. It’s the club’s main training glider and you will learn all your basic gliding skills in this one. The 21 is also fully aerobatic.


LS7 High performance single seat glider

The club’s highest performance glider with low drag, strong glide ratio, and excellent handling. Fast yet very forgiving and fun to fly. This glider is used for cross country flying and leisure flying once you have gained experience in the Junior.

Jantar Junior

Jantar junior early solo glider

The Junior is a single seat, solo training glider with moderate performance. This is the first single seater you’ll fly after soloing in the two seat training gliders.

Twin Astir

Twin Astir two seat trainer

IKO is a two seat glider with retractable undercarriage, used for cross country training and passenger flights.

The Winch

The winch

Our trusty winch launches gliders using 1500m long dyneema cables. Depending on conditions launches can be up to 1500ft above ground level leaving a few minutes to find a thermal before needing to land and try again.