About Us

Where, How, and When we fly.

The Alice Springs Gliding Club operates out of the Bond Springs Airstrip, 20kms North of Alice Springs. Located at 23° 31’ S, 133° 50’ E at an altitude of 2400ft.

The Club operates by arrangement on weekends and public holidays. Gliders are launched by winch tow.

We fly in Class G airspace below 4500ft and are regularly given clearance to fly to an altitude of 10 000ft and even higher on the booming summer soaring days.

Membership and Pricing

Air Experience Flight

An introductory flight allowing you to experience the joy of gliding - $150

Costs of getting started

  • GFA Annual Membership - $338
  • ASGC Joining Fee (covering learning material and logbook) - $100
  • ASGC Annual Membership - $220

Flying costs

  • Winch Launch - $16
  • Glider Hire - $1/minute
  • Instruction - Free!