Welcome to the Alice Springs Gliding Club

Soaring the skies of Central Australia since 1955...

The Alice Springs Gliding Club has been operating from the Bond Springs Aerodrome for decades. With our fleet of gliders you can experience silent flight above the incredible scenery of Central Australia all year round.

Our experienced instructors are qualified in training for everyone; from new students with no previous aviation experience, to seasoned commercial pilots looking for some weekend sport flying.

If you want to try gliding your are urged to make contact via email (or the contact form) first. We are volunteer-run and operate most Saturdays.

For 7 day a week operations contact NT Soaring. Phone 0427 368 707, email robert@ntsoaring.com.au or check here: www.ntsoaring.com.au


Club Update

Thank you NT Government!

Alice Springs Gliding Club is delighted to announce the arrival of a new glider. 

Our ASK 21 was towed all the way from Lake Keepit near Tamworth by Kim Anderson, one of our most active members. 

We are most grateful to the Northern Territory Government, which awarded us a grant to go towards the purchase of this aircraft; something we would never have been able to manage without assistance. 

Our main twin training glider was recently damaged during a break in, and is now sitting on a trailer, so this new glider couldn't have come at a better time. 

It was rigged at Bond Springs on April 16, and flown for the first time by Edward Connellan on April 23.